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Testimonials from our Clients

We pride ourselves on delivering an outstanding level of service. The testimonials we receive from Clients for whom we have worked is evidence of this.

Brant has been commissioned by a wide range of organisations, including Sub-Contractors, Contractors, Employers, Developers, Construction Lawyers, Land Agents/Owners and Architects.

In addition, we have received Instructions from other organisations, including educational institutions, borough councils and design consultants, many of whom have provided testimonials.

Here is a selection of the testimonials we have received from Clients in various fields:

We have worked with Brant Associates on a number of disputes over the last 5+ years. Their combination of quantum and planning expertise with a deep understanding of the commercial drivers in the construction industry allows them to get to the core of the issues and provide clear opinions. This makes them a valuable member of the team when assessing and resolving disputes.

James Vernon
Beale & Company Solicitors LLP

I have engaged Ian as an expert witness (quantum – construction disputes) on a number of occasions and have been impressed by his clear, commercial and pragmatic approach. He is very responsive and I would recommend him for expert witness work without hesitation.

Charlotte Heywood
Stephenson Harwood

I would like to thank your team for their assistance in helping us to negotiate a successful settlement of the recent protracted and complex dispute. As you know the issue caught us completely unsighted, and without the expert skills needed. In particular without your experience, diligence, professionalism and personal determination this settlement could not have been achieved.

I particularly welcomed the frank discussions we had throughout process and the no nonsense advice. I know that the members of our team who worked with you have benefited greatly from the experience and I see this as a lasting benefit. Perhaps the next step for us is to recognise when we need the expertise that Brant can bring in a dispute avoidance rather than resolution capacity.

Mike Carroll
Technical Commercial Director
Mouchel Infrastructure Services

The undersigned has been requested to provide a testimonial on behalf of Brant Associates, which is a frequent request from many, but rarely provided by the writer.

Trevor and his team have supported and assisted me through many complex, demoralizing and draining contractual difficulties, over many, many years and I am more than willing to testify to the quality of the service provided.

One dispute in particular stands out, which dragged on for approximately two and half years. During that time Brant Associates’ advice was fundamental in bringing about a successful outcome, despite our predicament and the sheer size and trickery of the opposition.  Brant Associates are more than capable of challenging the best construction lawyers, whether they are acting for or against you.

Like most people, I often consider the cost of professional advice dreadful or outrageously expensive; particularly when the perception is that the subject of these costs has been unnecessarily protracted.

Good advice is expensive, it is therefore imperative that the costs incurred provide value for money and represent an efficient process. In my experience Brant Associates meet both these criteria. Furthermore, after carefully considering the available evidence Brant Associates get to the point quickly, they do not flinch from reality when summing up the various options available thereafter.

Brant Associates do however have one problem and that is that they are not salespersons, the patter is not all slick and prawn sandwiches, but the fact is, they are simply very good at what they do and I will continue to use them as long as the construction industry continues to disagree.

G J Heywood FRSA
For & on behalf of Heywood Real Estate Limited

I cannot thank nor praise Brant Associates highly enough for guiding me through the minefield of dispute resolution. Whilst in the midst of a dispute when I felt there was nowhere to turn, their knowledge, professionalism and management gave me the confidence to take it to a very satisfactory conclusion. Couldn’t have done it without them…Great Job Guys!

Martyn Cleaver
Managing Director
For & on behalf of Forward Industrial Products Group Ltd

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