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Quantum Expert Witness

Brant provides Expert Witness services in the field of Quantum. It can also provide Expert Witnesses in the field of Forensic Delay Analysis, through its close working relationships.

Brant is aware that the role of the Expert Witness is highly specialised. Acting as a Quantum Expert requires comprehensive training and experience. It is also beneficial to have a detailed knowledge of both the construction industry and the legal process. We are able to provide personnel with these attributes.

Our personnel are able to combine the preparation of a detailed report with the ability to both present evidence and handle cross examination.

Brant recognises that in recommending an Expert Witness to a Client, Instructing Solicitors are putting their reputation on the line.

We understand the duty to the Court or tribunal and the need for impartiality and staying within the boundaries of our area of expertise as set out in the CPR Part 35. We also understand the importance of providing early advice to Instructing Solicitors of the strengths and weaknesses of claims being advanced or defended.

We provide services including but not limited to:

  • Pre-trial duties
  • Risk analysis
  • Advice and recommendations for CPR Part 36 offers
  • Assistance for without prejudice settlement meetings
  • Preparation of preliminary reports
  • Assistance with the drafting of pleadings
  • Examination of the opposition’s case
  • Experts’ joint meetings and drafting of joint Experts’ report
  • Preparation of CPR Part 35 compliant reports for exchange
  • Evidence given in Court
  • Cross examination and re-examination

We understand the approach of the professions in evaluating claims. We seek always to avoid confrontation, as it does not represent the most economical route to settlement.

We have a sound knowledge of Contract Law and its implications on the admissibility of the various Heads of Claims.

We have significant experience in working alongside the legal profession, in terms of instructing Solicitors to deal with legal matters and being instructed by Solicitors to assist with quantum and time issues.

We are equipped to handle Heads of Claim in both Liability and Quantum, including, but not limited to:

  • Variation Account
  • Extension of Time (Forensic Delay Analysis)
  • Loss and Expense –
    • Disruption
    • Acceleration
    • Finance Charges
    • Increased Costs
    • Overheads Recovery
    • Loss of Profit
    • Claims Preparation Costs
    • Lost Opportunity
  • Interest
  • Liquidated Damages
  • Wrongful Withholding of Sums Due
  • Retention Release

Our knowledge and experience will ensure that when assisting in preparing, defending, or settling a claim, your Client will not be subject to false expectations.

As part of our Construction Claims Management service we will undertake a risk analysis and discuss this with you and your Client in detail, so as to afford your Client the opportunity of achieving its commercial objectives.

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Our involvement can range from guidance and advice, to full management and resourcing of a particular matter. If you would like a no obligation consultation about any issues you may have, or you would like more information about our services, call us on 01733 568687.

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