Commercial Support

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Commercial Support

Brant offer a range of Commercial Services to provide support for Contractors and Sub-Contractors.

Brant can take care of all of your Quantity Surveying requirements for pre and post contract duties.

Our experience as Project Quantity Surveyors operating in Contracting and Sub-Contracting Organisations enables us to understand and respond to your needs.


  • Availability of trained and experienced surveyors with proven records
  • Ability to rapidly vary resources to meet demands without the contingent problems of permanently employed staff
  • Commercial approach to maximising cash flow and profitability
  • Ability to meet strict timetables

Range of Services

  • Contractual Risk Advice
  • Procurement
  • Budgeting
  • Interim and Final Accounts
  • Sub-Contract Accounts
  • Profit and Loss Statements
  • Commercial and Contractual Policy and Procedure Advice and Auditing

Cashflow is the lifeblood of any Business. For Contractors and Sub-Contractors, timeous interim and Final payments, of the correct amount valued in accordance with the Contract, is essential for maximising cashflow.

Our experience of Main Contracting and Sub-Contracting, together with our knowledge of the terms and conditions contained in standard form Contracts, equips us to maximise value in the preparation, submission, and agreement of the interim applications for payment and final account.

Long standing relationships with large and small Contractors and Sub-Contractors are evidence that we provide the opportunity for improved cash flow and profitability.

Contractor’s and Sub-Contractor’s alike fail to maximise their variation accounts and to obtain their monies in good time.


  • Maximise value entitlement under the Contract, including valuation of variations and Loss and Expense
  • Rapid ability to increase/decrease resources to meet demands without the contingent problems/costs of permanently employed staff
  • Commercial approach to maximising cash flow and profitability
  • Reduction in scope for Clients to reduce certification
  • Flexible fee arrangements for each individual commission ensures a commercially attractive return

Range of Services

  • Preparation and submission of Interim applications for payment
  • Preparation of Final Accounts
  • Advice on compliance with required payment and pay less notices
  • Advice on the effect of the Construction Act on the Sub-Contract
  • Services tailored to individual or multiple Contracts
  • Advice on other notices required e.g. extension of time and loss and/or expense
  • Early inclusion of substantiation for loss and/or expense

Brant is aware of the difficulty Sub-Contractors and Contractors can have in recovery of retention monies to which they are entitled. This is particularly an issue in respect of the release of the final moiety.

We are being instructed on a more frequent basis to assist in recovering such monies. This is predominantly due to Contractors/Employers holding on to the money for as long as possible to assist with their own cash flow, at the expense of the party who is contractually entitled to possess the money.

Much of the difficulty in recovering retention monies is determining the Contractual mechanisms which trigger the release of first and second moiety. It is then a matter of obtaining confirmation that these milestones have been reached, for example the issue of the Certificate of Making Good Defects.

We are very experienced in these matters, having worked on both sides of the fence. We are also aware of where to look within the various Contracts to identify any Contract provisions which can be used to apply pressure to obtain evidence of whether said milestones have been achieved or not.

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Our involvement can range from guidance and advice, to full management and resourcing of a particular matter. If you would like a no obligation consultation about any issues you may have, or you would like more information about our services, call us on 01733 568687.

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