Period – Q3 2019
Location – England
Category – Adjudication, Main Contractor
Project Value – Circa £1.5m
Disputed Value – £400k

Summary –

Brant, providing Adjudication Support and acting as an advocate for a Main Contractor, assisted by quickly pulling together a robust and substantiated final account.

Concentrating on the variation account, Brant compiled the records, in the form of emails, meeting minutes and daily site diaries. It also interrogated the Contractor’s staff. Brant was then in a position to advise its Client of the strengths and weaknesses of the commercial element of the Adjudication and advise the likely true final account figure.

Working alongside the Client’s Solicitor, Brant was able to establish a position in which a favourable settlement was reached during the Adjudication process, saving its Client both time and further cost.

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